Earworm is the psychedelic trance music project of Max Meshiv, born in 1986. Max was infected by the psychedelic trance virus at a very young age
in Israel, where he now resides after returning home from New York City (USA) to spread his sound across the globe. What started out as a hobby
writing music with his older brother Noam, using only a computer and basic sequencing software eventually morphed into a more serious pursuit as Max's abilities and muscical direction began to take shape. The Earworm project of today is here to remind you of the frequency that was and is
still present , lurking in the shadows and alternating like day and night, as we pass through the twilight hours.

Earworm's music can be heard on dancefloors worldwide and has been featured on many of the premier twilight fullon psytrance labels such asTimecode, Yabai Recprds, 3D Vision, Replicant Records, Spectral Records, Hypergate Records, Fractal Records and Digital Psionics. Currently representing Timecode Records, and Australian twilight powerhouse Replicant Records and iconic Spanish label 3D Vision, Max has been quiet on the gig front but has been locked away in his studio crafting the next batch of Earworm power to unleash upon the unsuspecting psytrance world. Stay tuned, the twilight frequencies are coming!