Guapa Lee

Susana Borges aka Guapa Lee was born in 1986 in the psytrance mecca of Portugal. Taking to music at a yound age, she began piano and guitar lessons and by the age of 14 she began to sing Fado, a form of traditional Portuguese music. In 2008, after encouragement from her friend DJ Fritz, she fell in love with the art of mixing. Her sets are jam packed full of melodic energy yet retain a psychedelic feel and rhythmic edge, and typically feature music from the likes of D-Maniac, Tryambaka, A-Mush and Iliuchina. Susana has shared the stage with artistsĀ  including Sun Project, Talamasca, Space Tribe, Logic Bomb, Etnica, Koxbox, Electric Universe, Vibe Tribe, Absolum, Hux Flux, Shift, Khainz, Neelix and countless others.

Having had the pleasure of playing for almost every major organiser in the Portuguese scene including the Crystal Matrix crew with whom she serves as a resident, she has recently begun to notch up some notable international bookings in Mexico and South Africa.

Currently serving as the Portuguese label DJ for Australian label Replicant Records as well as representing Global Army Music, Crystal Matrix and the Magnetika Female Artist Agency, stay tuned for an EP compiled by Guapa Lee entitled Anairam which is slated for a late 2013 release!