Owner of Australian twilight psytrance label Replicant Records and Australian label DJ for MMD Records & 3D Vision, Richard Sloane aka Glacial has been playing his brand of twilight and daytime oriented psytrance throughout Australia and South Africa for the past seven years. Starting out organizing numerous parties as one half of the Sonic Circus production crew, Glacial has has supported acts such as Scorb, Concept, Cosmo,  Psykovsky, Illegal Machines, Hiyarant, Frozen Ghost, Antispin, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Biorhythm, Principles of Flight, Prism, Tryambaka, Abomination, U Recken, CPU, Absolum, Khopat and many more.  His sets range from driving daytime psytrance to twilight and peak night time oriented full on, with the occasional speedy, in your face darkpsy set designed for the night time dancefloor.  Fresh from a trip to South Africa which saw him play at some of the biggest festivals of the outdoor season including Vortex, Jungala and The Village, Glacial and MMD owner Archive are currently hard at work compiling a special joint Replicant and MMD records release. Entitled Manipulation Replication, the finished product will feature the full spectrum of night-time fullon psytrance and is slated for a mid to late 2014 release.

Gearing up for a big end to 2014 in terms of bookings and the Replicant Release schedule,  keep your eyes and ears open and strap in and enjoy the ride. The Replication continues!