Locked Locker

The Locked Locker is a union of old and new, blended together to create a fresh, technical night full on sound designed to move bodies and minds worldwide!

Consisting of Brazilian and more recently Hong Kong native Marcelo Espindola aka Killer Buds, and the prodigious Mexican talent Joss Guzman aka Hyperactive, they began collaborating in early 2012 after Killer Buds returned from a long musical hiatus. Notching a series of releases on a number of different labels in 2012, they have since joined forces with Australian label Replicant Records. As a result the debut EP entitled Future Soldier was released in early 2013 and made a big impact on the Beatport psytrance charts. Since then they have established themselves as one of the premier names in night fullon/twilight psytrance, and have notched up a number of releases including tracks on the iconic European label 3D Vision, Mexico's Mechanik records, Fractal Records and Digital Psionics.  Their next EP, entitled 'The Strike' is ready to go and will be released on Replicant in October of 2015.