Mantis is one of the many aliases of Chris Hoy, best known to the psytrance community as Shift. Chris is also a founding member of seminal South African night-time act Twisted System along with Rabdom L and Phyx, as well as the Pitch Hikers, his morning styled project with Slug.

If that isn't enough, he is also the founder and owner of one of the largest and most influential fullon psytrance labels, Nexus Media – known worldwide for their catalogue which boasts almost 10 years of iconic releases.  One of the producers responsible for what has become known as the South African fullon sound, the Shift project has gradually been moving towards a more daytime persuasion which is what led to the genesis of Mantis, an outlet for the raw, brooding, sinister night-time power that old Shift used to provide.

Beginning with the mysterious debut release on Timecode's Future Cuts compilation entitled Blood Red, the Mantis output has been sporadic but has always resulted in painstakingly crafted, powerful twilight music that any fan of deep and  heavy fullon will instantly connect with.

Most recently contributing a layered, swirling melodic number entitled Luceferous to the debut Replicant Records release, the Replicants Volume 1, stay tuned for a Mantis EP for Replicant that is currently in early stages of planning.  The Mantis has risen!