Shehoor is a French full on project comprised of Khayyam & Zaag. Producing psytrance since 2006 with their first release coming in 2009, the duo have been steam-rolling through the worldwide psytrance scene. Shehoor have recently begun touring extensively on an international level, playing in countries such as Japan, Brazil, Canada, Portugal, South Africa and India.

Khayyam is a qualified sound engineerand brings a definite musical flair to the Shehoor sound, whilst Zaag is a long-time running DJ for MMD Records (South Africa) and brings the distorted synthetic buzz that only nighttime fullon can provide. The result is a potent twilight wave of sound guaranteed to blast dancefloors as the dark hours of the night approach.

Shehoor boast EP releases on MMD Records & Terror Lab Industries, along with singles released on Replicant, Warpbrain, UpNoize, Biomechanix, Psyde Effect as well as a V/A compilation “Carpe Noctem” selected by Zaag and released on Replicant Records at the end of 2012. One thing is for sure, and that is that these French nighttime twisters will not stop. Currently representing both Australian powerhouse Replicant Records & MMD Records, stay tuned for more powerful releases as we head towards 2014!