Strain is Rahil Malde, born in Kenya but now residing in Cape Town, South Africa. Having been introduced to psytrance in early 2010, Rahil quickly took interest in the more full-on night time psychedelic beats Cape Town is famous for. After receiving some valuable industry advice from Nexus Media's Deliriant, Rahil resolved to hone his skills and make an impact on the South African scene!

Beginning by undertaking a few crash courses in psy production from well know SA twilight blasters Rubix Qube, Xatrik & Rabdom L, along with a few mixing classes with MMD Records founder DJ Archive. This resulted  in the genesis of  his Strain alias, with the inspiration for the name coming from the civil engineering degree he is currently undertaking.

Gravitating toward the more melodic side of night time fullon psy landscape, he was quickly signed to Beartrap Productions as a resident DJ at their events and made his debut at Beartrap Production’s outdoor festival, Celestial Beings II in February 2011.

Since then he has kept as active as possible, being featured at many Cape Town events and sharing stage's with local and international talents such as Absolum, Dapanji, Biorhythm, Artifakt, Deliriant, EMP, Sinful Reactions, Shehoor, Wired, Shift, Pitch Hikers, Gataka, Deviant Species and many more. Rahil is currently the South African label DJ for Australian twilight fullon label Replicant Records, whilst also representing one of the larger, long-standing local event organisations: the Village.

In 2013 Rahil has been quietly compiling an EP entitled Compression Session for Replicant, featuring music from X-Side, Iliuchina, Rabdom L and Rubix Qube. Currently being mastered at the Nexus Media labs, Compression Session is slated for a late 2013 release.  Stay tuned as the Strain story continues to develop, if the past few years are anything to go by then we can expect big things as we roll towards 2014!