Sub Zero

Sub-Zero is the solo project of Adelino Afonso, born in 1984 in Coimbra, Portugal. Since his childhood, Adelino always had a connection to music, and at 13 got his first electric guitar which led to a lifelong pursuit of musical performance and creation. Attending his first techno and psytrance parties in the year 2000, he soon started stockpiling music, DJing and experimenting with various sequencers such as E-Jay and Fruity Loops with which he learned the basics of electronic music production. Later on in the year 2002, Adelino joined forces with his friend Mario Rodrigues aka Droidbeatz and created a project that is now known as “Poizon”, one of the most significant night-time fullon projects in recent memory. Despite their ongoing success, he felt a desire to express himself with a more melodic, less aggressive sound which led to the creation of his solo project.

Originally known as Reset and later evolving into the Sub-Zero moniker he is known for today, the Sub Zero sound is defined by low rolling fat basslines, classical psychedelic synth work, intricate percussive rhythms, imaginative FX and swirling, intricate melodies.

Sub-Zero began representing South African powerhouse PsynOpticz Productions/Psyology Records in 2010, as be begun touring more frequently and spreading his signature sound across the globe. Also recently joining Australian label Replicant Records, Adelino has been hard at work on an EP for Psyology scheduled for a late 2013 release, and will commence work on a EP for Replicant in 2014.. Keep your ears open, your mind free and your feet ready as the story of the Sub-Zero has many more chapters to be written!