Manipulation Replication - compiled by Archive & Glacial

MMDCD009 / RR013

(compiled by Archive (MMD Records) & Glacial / MMD Records & Replicant Records)

For the past 12 months MMD & Replicant Records label owners Archive & Glacial have been teaming up & viciously attacking the idea of a dual label double CD compilation. And after much frantic hard work & time spent gathering some chunky tracks, the end product is finally here for all of your enjoyment. A compilation comprising of some of our labels’ favorite manipulators & replicators worldwide, all coming together for one massive over-the-top slamming release, Manipulation Replication! Manipulation Replication includes 26 individual artists, with 18 blasting Twilight dancefloor tracks & over 155 minutes of solid clean cut nighttime psychedelia! Each track has been carefully selected with one main purpose: To manipulate the distorted waves of mental perception, & to replicate that unifying energy that can only be experienced from this crunchy unique style of psytrance.

Comprising of many varied styles throughout the entire compilation, Manipulation Replication features offerings tethering from the slower dark & industrial sounds, to the raging high energy power riffs, all the way to the deep & euphoric mental blasters. Manipulation Replication offers listeners across the globe a wide variety of everything Nighttime Fullon, while still maintaining our own unique & twisted label trademarks all the way throughout....we hope everyone enjoys this psychedelic offering as much as we did compiling it! This release will be available in a special limited edition double CD jewel case along with full credits & secondary tweaks by Scorb; as well as availability digitally in WAV & MP3 format via all the usual digital outlets. YOU CANNOT MANIPULATE THAT WHICH YOU CANNOT REPLICATE!!!   Mastering courtesy of Scorb at TRK Mastering. Full CD & digital artwork manipulated by Scorb. Physical CD replication courtesy of Arabesque Distributors. Will be available worldwide on Psyshop.com, Goastore, beatspace.com, iTunes, Beatport, Junodownload, trackitdown.net & more!


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  • Artifakt vs. Lost & Found - Checkmate (Lost & Found Live edit)
  • Resonanz3 (Remove vs. Z3ro) - Industry
  • Rabdom L - Souls
  • Scorb vs. Octognoma - Cylindroid
  • Shehoor - Replicant Device
  • Wired vs Shuumat - Plan 9
  • Zion Linguist - Trust Me
  • Tryambaka - Predator Mode
  • Deviant Species - March of the Cephalopians


  • Antispin - Tenticle
  • Iron Assault (Critical Mass vs. Sonic Assault) - The Haunting
  • Scorb vs. Deviant Species - Stromatolite
  • EMP - The Cake is a Lie
  • Karmacrop (Sidhartha vs. Khopat) - Split the Atom
  • Earworm - Evolving Cycle
  • Technicolor (Deliriant vs. Mad Piper) - Heisenberg
  • Rubix Qube - Higher Frequency
  • Orca vs. Iliuchina - Perfect Drug